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Programs for Everyone!

Mountain View Strength and Conditioning is an all-inclusive atmosphere approaching all clients as unique individuals. We strive to make all people feel welcome, whether it be your first time stepping foot into a gym in a pursuit to greater health or as a competitive athlete looking to increase performance. We understand that all individuals come with different goals and aspirations which is why we offer many different class styles. Our goal is to provide our clients with a great training experience focusing on quality of movements and safety.


If you are looking for a change in routine, wanting to get stronger, and meet some people within the community, be prepared to show up and get your sweat on.

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MV Strength and Conditioning offers Functional Fitness; constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. This class emphasis’s the core movements of life such as running, weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics and more.

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MV Strength and Conditioning provides one to one nutrition and lifestyle coaching and one time nutrition plans. Our one to one coaching program is offered to anyone who may be looking for a healthier lifestyle change.

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Teens program is for youth ages 10-17. This program is a functional fitness program which includes the basic skills such as squatting, pull ups, push ups and balance. This class integrates many of the same movements as our adults but with lighter weights along with metabolic conditioning and Olympic weight-lifting.

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Fundamentals is where every new athlete begins. It is very important to us that all of our members understand how to perform the classic movements of Functional Fitness properly. We provide each new member with 3 one hour sessions, where you will learn the correct techniques for traditional Functional Fitness movements.

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If you are looking to get in your own workout, practice technique, give our daily Workout a go or just do your own thing, we offer open gym time slots. There is always a coach on site, because safety matters most. Open gym is only available to those who hold an unlimited month to month membership.

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If you are looking to develop a skill, needing some extra help and guidance or just wanting one to one time with our coaches, personal training is a great option to get you going. This is the most effective option for our members to progress towards their specific goal.

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Childcare is offered at 9am weekdays as well as 10am Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Bring your young one or the whole family! Our Classes are dedicated to pre/postnatal women of all ages and fitness levels and is a great first step to re-introduce your body back into fitness.

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MV Strength & Conditioning specializes in filling the gap between group fitness and personalized sport/fitness training. Our educated staff creates a customized team workout plan that will not only help increase their athletic performance, but also teaches many day-to-day healthy lifestyle skills.

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U13/U15 Off Season Training
U18/U20 Off Season Training

Off season training is geared towards high level athletes looking to build strength, gain agility, balance, co-ordination, power and metabolic conditioning in the off season. Off Season Training sessions are coached by our knowledgeable and experienced coaches who place safety as our number one priority. Sessions are on a month to month payment basis.

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