MV SWEAT is our version of bootcamp with no barbells. If you are looking for a change in routine, wanting to get stronger, and meet some people within the community, be prepared to show up and get your sweat on.  This class is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking to join MV Strength and Conditioning with no experience whatsoever. 

This one hour session is coach led experience for up to 12 people. Each class will include a group warm up to get your heart rate up and blood flowing. We will then work on strength while incorporating kettlebells, dumbbells, body weight movements, light accessory work and more. The workout will then finish off with a cardiovascular/conditioning session, and to top it off, a core-finisher.

 All workouts are scaled to all fitness levels and abilities. Our coaches will help with movement mechanics, mobility restrictions and cater to any individual needs, our classes are open to all ages, backgrounds, genders in a judgemental free environment.

How Does MV SWEAT differ from your CrossFit class?

CrossFit incorporates weightlifting along with complex gymnastic movements within many workouts. MV SWEAT is more of a lite, cardiovascular workout while focusing on utilizing most equipment in our gym.  You will be challenged while having fun doing it! All while having fun with a fantastic group of people. 



MV strength and conditioning offers CrossFit; constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  This class emphasis’s the core movements of life such as running, weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics and more. CrossFit is about maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest period of  time. It is key to employ a constantly varied approach to this type of training, to keep the body guessing, try new things, and develop gains throughout our bodies.

Our coach-led 1 hour group training session includes up to 12 people from a variety of fitness levels, backgrounds, ages and lifestyles. Every movement can be scaled accordingly, making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity. CrossFit is a highly effective training program, which allows an individual to improve both mentally and physically. Studies show significant improvement in mental health when we start to get our bodies moving and active. 

This 60 minute class includes a warm up to get your muscles fired up and heart rate pumping. Moving on to technical instructions, followed  by some strength work then a WOD (Workout Of the Day). Expect the unknown with CrossFit and If you have never done CrossFit before, that’s fine …our Fundamentals class is our introductory class to CrossFit which will help you feel more comfortable with all of the movements. 

*Fundamentals required with no previous CrossFit experience



Fundamentals is where every new Crossfitter begins. It is very important to us that all of our members understand how to perform the classic movements of CrossFit properly. We provide each new member with 3 one hour sessions, where you will learn the correct techniques for traditional CrossFit movements. A one to one coach will assess mobility issues, discuss proper scaling techniques and form. If you have been doing CrossFit on your own for a longer period of time or are coming from another gym you are welcome to join our CrossFit classes.

In our Fundamentals class you can expect movement and technique to be perfected as well as an introduction to the intensity levels that are usual in our Group CrossFit class. Each individual will have tailored workouts specific to their current fitness level while safety being our highest priority. You will be sure to gain the necessary skills to safely join any of the CrossFit classes offered. Some examples of the fundamentals which we will go over is the squat series, Press Series, Pull series and gymnastics series. Each series is comprised of multiple movements that CrossFit uses.

*Group settings for fundamentals is also available for up to 3 people.



If you are looking to get in your own workout, practice technique, give our daily Workout a go or just do your own thing, we offer open gym time slots. There is always a coach on site, because safety matters most. Open gym is only available to those who hold an unlimited month to month membership. 

At Open gym this is a good time for those of you who are wanting to work on your weaknesses to do so. Maybe you are a competitive athlete, and are wanting to work on getting your toes to bar or work on your olympic lifting. This is a time for mobility and stretching, accessory work or an aerobic type workout. Some members who are taking personal training sessions and have full time membership…this is a good time to work on a program you and your coach have been focusing on.

MV strength and Conditioning offers open gym 5 days a week at different time slots throughout the day.



If you are looking to develop a skill, needing some extra help and guidance or just wanting one to one time with our coaches, personal training is a great option to get you going. This is the most effective option for our members to progress towards their specific goal. Our coaches will work with you one on one, and tailor a program specific to your needs and wants. The detail to help ensure the client is progressing towards their specific goals is unmatched in all other services. This is often a very rewarding option for both the client and coach as both are aiming for growth and the reward of completing the specific goal. 

Some examples of what you could see from long term personal training is guidance from a one to one coach which can start you on a healthy path to nutrition which lays the molecular foundations for fitness and health. Usually with this comes metabolic conditioning, where we master the mechanics of safe and efficient movement once this is consistent we can move on to intensity.  



Our 9am MV Sweat class offered during the weekdays, has child care for mom’s and dad’s. Bring your baby or bring the whole family! Our MV Sweat class is dedicated to prenatal and postnatal women of all ages and fitness abilities and is a great first step to re-introduce your body back into fitness. We know how important it is for both mental health and physical well-being to surround ourselves with other people and get active while going through the post-partum journey. This option is also great for our Dads in the community to achieve a workout while the children are cared for. The fantastic thing about this class is that you may find there are people who have or who are going through the same journey as you in life. It is a supportive and welcoming place to reconnect within the community while getting your sweat on!

MV strength and Conditioning has an approximate 450 sq ft space dedicated to your children to keep them busy while you workout.


Quality over quantity.

Don’t Forget, you can… start late, start over, be unsure, act different, try and fail, and still succeed.