Its been a challenging last 6 weeks since ordered closure by the Government of Alberta due to the COVID-19 pandemic at MVS&C. Of the last 11 months we have been closed fully or for a portion of 6 and of the last 321 days we have been closed for 127 of those days. During the first closure many members continued on with zoom workouts and rented equipment. During this second closure we have rented out equipment again, continue to post workouts and have started a lifestyle challenge for the month of January into February 2021.

Time and time again during this pandemic we continue to hear, health and wellness is essential. These words couldn’t be more true, and we are seeing why this is with our own eyes! Not only for keeping our bodies healthy but our mental health as well. The social aspect of walking into the gym and being with others, is bar none one of the best parts of many of our members day. That one hour to work off the stress, move your body and be social has major impacts on our lives. A friend who works in health care said something pretty neat the other day, “I work as a nurse in the hospital, at the hospital we safe lives, but at the gym you guys prevent us from having to save lives”. So why are we still considered non-essential?

To help ease with the stress of starting off those new years goals, MVS&C created a lifestyle challenge for the month of January.  The challenge includes an “activity challenge” to move the body and a “wellness challenge”. Many participants have shared positive stories about the challenges and how they have created new healthy habits. Connection has also been challenging to come by during the closure, having a social media platform and lifestyle challenge group to share recipes, struggles, stories and laugh has been refreshing.

Whatever this pandemic has thrown at us, we have had to adapt and overcome.  We cannot say how fortunate we are to have a community of people who hold one another up, cheer each other on and support one another. If you are needing some extra guidance and support, please reach out to us!