Our Box is a private training facility with approximately 2500sq feet of gym space. We have custom built our location specifically for group classes, personal training and so much more. We are not your regular health club. A more hands on approach is used with each of our members while our classes are designed just for you. We are here to eliminate the guesswork out of programming so your only concern is to just show up! While providing opportunity, coaching and a foundation for better health and wellness, you will sweat, get stronger, faster, and overall feel healthier mentally and physically.

We pride ourselves on the ability to cater to all fitness levels. Programming is provided that is scaled for load and intensity to suit everyone’s needs. Proper mechanics is our number one priority and will always be demonstrated and individually assessed to ensure each member is using proper mechanics and above all staying safe.

We believe fitness is a foundation that can better ones health and overall wellbeing. That doesn’t always mean shedding weight and building muscle…but that is a perk! Helping members transform their lives in a positive and meaningful way will always be our number one objective. From those who struggle with physical ailments such as arthritis or heart disease to others battling addictions and mental health, MVS&C will be here to broaden your knowledge of the benefits of exercise while providing a strong community to back it up.


To provide a positive & challenging environment  that promotes health, fitness, well being and above all community.

Mountain View Strength and Conditioning understands that starting something new can be intimidating. We guarantee that all of your fears will be put to rest once you walk through our doors. Our community will show you how truly rewarding it is to work hard and accomplish new goals.


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We are all about community. In order to cultivate the best possible community we ask all members to abide by our gym etiquette. We have found that good gym etiquette simply comes down to respect. For each other, the coaches, and the space. The specifics on each are listed below.


Know Each Other: you are expected to know the other people in your session. If there is a person in the session you have never met, introduce yourself. If there is a new member, make them feel at home.

“No one is done until everyone is done”: show support to your fellow athletes when they are pushing hard during a workout or going for a new personal record (PR). In line with this, do NOT clean up your equipment until everyone is done the workout. You train together, push each other, and clean up as a group.

Give Space: do not walk in front of other athletes while they are lifting. It is distracting, dangerous, and disrespectful. If an athlete is going for a heavy set, give them space and cheer them on.

No Gossip: gossip is a cheap way to make conversation. If you have a legitimate issue with someone let them know or talk to a staff member and they will help resolve the problem. If you want to complain about someone at the gym, this gym is not for you.

Listen: when a coach is providing instruction, listen. If you are talking, the coach will wait for you to finish.

Let Coaches Coach: Please do not provide coaching to other members during the session times. The only exception to this is if another member asks for your input on something, feel free to share information.

Let the Coaches Scale: if you come in and would like to do a modified version of the workout, make sure to check with your coach about appropriate scales. We are here to help make your best possible workout for that particular day

Class Start: Members are expected to arrive and be ready for class 5 mins prior to start time. If you arrive early, please do not disrupt a class that may be finishing up. We know sometimes life gets in the way so if arriving late please do your best to get ready and join the class whilst not disrupting other members

Clean Up: when you are finished training please put your equipment away. If you bleed, clean it up. If you take something from another room, put it back. Wipe down rowers and bikes once finished with them. Do not spray rower or bike monitors with water (it can damage them).

Do Not Drop Equipment: unless it is a safety reason, do not drop empty bars, kettlebells, or any other equipment. The only exception to this is bumper plates, they are designed to be dropped.

Put the Handles Back Nicely: when you are finished rowing, make sure to place it back against the cage nicely.

Watch Your Ropes: Avoid hitting your jump ropes on bars, kettlebells, or the rig. When the rope hits anything but the floor it wears away at the cable and decreases the longevity of the rope.

No Headphones: For safety reasons, MVS&C does not allow headphones during class; exception to Open Gym

Clear Your Space: leaving equipment on the floor around where you are dropping weights is dangerous for you and those around you. Please make sure to clear all equipment from the area you are lifting so that there is no chance your bar can hit it.

Quality over quantity.

Don’t Forget, you can… start late, start over, be unsure, act different, try and fail, and still succeed.